Monday, December 28, 2009

OMG I can't believe it

Good morning all!! and yes it is a great morning, today was weigh in day for my bodybugg program! Now before we get into the scale i am taking advice from Weight Watchers and including non- scale victories
1. I did the eliptical for 15 minutes ( a first for me)
2. my seat restraint on roller coasters clicked down one more notch
3. my body bugg keeps me moving and i like it!

I did consume more calories than i normally would over the holidays but thanks to my bodybugg I was able to see how much I needed to burn and kept my calorie deficit (thats how many more i burn than consume) over 1000 daily sometimes even close to 2000.

I officially believe in myself ... the scale this morning read 214.8, then I had adam get on to check, then I got on while holding the dog to check and it was right! 214.8 feels so good.

Calling out to all of you on the couch, the secret is simple ... move around alot!!

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  1. I am so happy for you. You are great no matter what you weigh but you must feel halthier. Miss you , YOur aunt in Maine, Dinie