Friday, November 26, 2010


Happy Turkey Day!!
I hope you all enjoyed your holiday this year! I am so very thankful for the many blessings in my life and this holiday season I find myself overwhelmed with emotion. I am just so amazed at what can be accomplished when you commit to achieving your goals. I am officially living my "after"! this was me last Thanksgiving:
It is hard to believe that was 1 yr ago! I spent that Thanksgiving like so many before, consumed with food! My husband prepared a TURDUCKEN and man did I eat. Then after eating we rested and then ate again. That was my only thanksgiving tradition and I know it is the tradition of many others. This year I was feeling a bit lonesome thinking about how much I missed my family back in Boston and feeling very disconnected from the holiday season. My bestie Alli suggested I start a new tradition and find a Turkey Trot.... I initially had no idea what that was. I pulled out my droid and googled and found that there is a huge event in Downtown Orlando every Thanksgiving run by trackshack and benefitting seniors first. This was my opportunity to start a new tradition. I wrestled with some resentments the week leading up to the big day, I was filled with self doubt and was mentally sabotaging myself. The night before I was surfing facebook and I saw a post that Chalene Johnson had posted, I am paraphrasing here but the message was basically that "the mind leads and the body follows, getting up at 5 am to hit the gym is more about the mind then the body" It just struck me and I knew I was making a decision to get up that morning and running that 5K. I made a playlist for my phone and found my headphones and headed to bed!
Six am came quickly and I got up and had some cereal and a banana. Adam and Kramer came to cheer me on and we headed downtown. I headed to registration and I felt a little lonely this was truly gut check time. I almost felt bad when the volunteer behind the registration table ask if I was meeting anyone when I heard someone behind me! It was Jackie from TURBO, she works for news 13 and was covering  the event. She took a quick pic of me with my race number and tweeted it out to the world. I knew this was a sign I was where I was supposed to be! I pinned on my first official race number!

As it got closer to race time I was amazed by how many runners there were. Track shack reported over 5,000 showed that morning!!
The gobble call rang out and the athletes prepared themselves. I thought the crowd would bother me but I was just excited! I started to think about how far my journey had taken over this past year and how very proud I was to be in the company of all these athletes and preparing to do something great for my body, health and mind. 

If you had talked to that sad girl last Thanksgiving and told her she would be running a 5K at 8 am on thanksgiving morning she would have laughed in your face. Today this girl was just bursting with pride!

I put on my headphones and got in the zone with my tunes! Adam and Kramer found a spot by the finish line to wait and I got ready to run!!!

The first mile was easy, and when I reached the 2 marker I shouted out YES!! When I got to the water station I stopped to take a drink and then threw my cup down! It was so exciting my first water station!! I just kept running before I knew it I could see the banner at the finish and I started sprinting it out! I finished in 31 minutes, and I ran the whole time! I was so proud of myself, my legs felt like jelly but it felt great! I was sweaty and happy I was a runner and an athlete!  I officially have the runners bug and I can't wait to find my next race! Alli always says finish what you started and I am choosing to live my life sprinting to the finish line. The journey never ends and as we grow and learn we find we can reach farther and farther. This Thanksgiving I am thankful to be me living this life right now with excitement for the future!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Living and loving my life!

Happy Halloween!!! This year has been so amazing I still can't believe this is my life. As you know I have had this 100lb goal in my sites for quite sometime and I am happy to report that I am quite close weighing in at 143 I am 94lbs down!!! I got to go to my first TURBOWEEN party which was so fun! We had a sports theme and seriously I missed my calling I need to be a cheerleader!!

This weekend my wonderful husband and my close friends threw me a celebratory bash to commemorate my accomplishments. I had decided to make it a costume party since it was so close to halloween and shopping for my costume was a new experience for me! I was able to go into the store and say what do I want to be not what do they have in PLUS size. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would be purchasing a size small costume but I did!! Here we are together in our SUPER costumes!!!

It was an amazing night. So many people came to celebrate with me! Not to mention the costumes were fantastic. We had healthy snacks and Alli provided an awesome playlist that kept us moving all night!

Once everyone got settled in we had the speeches. I had an opportunity to thank everyone there for being my village and helping me along this road to better health and happiness. When Alli spoke things turned a bit emotional and I learned an important lesson. You see we are as people inherently selfish, I had always thought that I was the only one gaining anything from my relationship with Alli and didn't realize just how important I have been to her this past year. Well as you can imagine there were happy tears!
When Adam gave his speech I was very emotional, and then came the big surprise!!! He had made a movie of my journey over the last ten months including video clips of my parents from home congratulating me. Well I couldn't hold back the emotion at that point!!! 

On Saturday I hosted my first Beachbody home party and had the opportunity to share my story with others. It is so amazing to be on the other side because Beachbody was so instrumental in my success to be paying it forward is an amazing privilege. 

To top it all off we decided to hit downtown Orlando for the Halloween festivities. I will leave you with the pictorial highlights of the nights mayhem but first a bit of reflection. I have been very emotional this week thinking about my party and wondering why I even deserved to have one. I still have goals I have not achieved and I am not yet bikini ready. But I have come to the realization that what I really am celebrating is finding myself. 94lbs ago while I was still loud and enthusiastic I was hiding. Hiding behind my size and my insecurity. Afraid to try and ashamed to want more than what I had. I didn't know who I was or what I wanted. How far could I go and if I could actually be successful. Now I am living the life I had only imagined. I have meaningful relationships with people   and I am confident and self assured. I no longer wonder if I can do something it is only a question of when I will do it. While it is sometime surreal for me to hear people say I am their role model or inspiration I know that is is something to be very proud of. Since the journey is never over I will just say I am very excited to go down the next road and see what is in store for me.  So now as promised  the halloween highlights.

Monday, October 4, 2010

90lbs down!!!

Hi my name is Meghan and I lost 90lbs. Yep thats right this last two weeks of scale not moving has passed and off went 3 more pounds putting me at 90lbs lost since 12/2. I am still in shock I think. It is important for me to address the plateau because I know from experience it can kill your motivation. I had definitely found my comfort zone I was hitting cardio in the form of TURBO and HUSTLE 3-4 times per week Spinning once a week tossing in a lil ZUMBA and an hour a week of PIYO. This was now easy for me, yeah I was working up a sweat but the little voice inside, and the voice of the very tall girl screaming next to me, kept saying that I could do more. I also got a bit more relaxed with my food the return of the starbucks treat receipt was my downfall and while each beverage was about 150cals I was hitting that twice a day and lets be honest sipping the samples. Well the scale got comfortable too right at 150 and did not want to budge. Throw in the stress of moving and work and we have a full fledged plateau on our hands! Alli always said when what we were doing didn't work we would just change so we did. I had started Chalean Extreme for strength training but this week I really pushed it and added some more running and eliptical time under my belt. I also swapped out my starbucks drinks for water and unsweetened green tea. Yes I did sometimes get it in a starbucks cup just so I could sip from the cute green straw, I am only human. And...... so far it has worked scale dropped 3 glorious pounds, muscles are forming and I feel fantastic. It was an emotional couple of weeks for me but I did not give up. I know I have spent alot of time on this goal of 100lbs and getting to a certain size but I have learned a valuable lesson this week; I have already won. When I started this journey I entitled it project "I wanna live" my old self was looking to the future to start living her life. I am now officially living! I have an amazing support system, a strong foundation and an unshakable belief in myself that won't let me quit. I am living the life I always dreamed I could never have and it is so much more fulfilling then I ever imagined it could be. So while I will continue to set and strive to meet my ever evolving goals I must not forget that I got my life back and that is the ultimate achievement. 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

My weight loss secret weapon!!!

Hey everyone!!!! todays update is a little different because I find myself doing quite a bit of reflection lately and I am eager to share my thoughts with the world!! So that I can keep you up to date my latest weigh in was 151lbs that puts me 14lbs away from the 100Lb lost mark and one heck of a party!!! But for once I don't want to talk about me....... I know its a little crazy this is my blog after all, however many people have been asking for my success secrets and I feel it would be unfair not to talk about my secret weapon........

Alli Vaughn,( if you are reading this you are probably already friends with her on facebook cause she has like a million of em') she is my weight loss secret weapon. I will preface this by admitting there is really nothing secret about her; she is tall, striking and usually dressed in the colors of a highlighter. Nonetheless she is amazing. I first met her very early in my journey while taking her TURBO kick and HIP HOP HUSTLE classes. She is an amazing instructor and packs out the room with 40+ people yet she manages to form personal connections with her students. I met her and knew that she could help me. So I did a lil creeping on facebook to get the 411 and then sent her a message she could not ignore. I told her that I was dying slowly every day killing myself with food and I wanted to live and only she could show me how. I mean really who could say no to that. So we had our first of many a starbucks date and she shared with me that she was not only an instructor but also an independent team Beachbody coach. She invited to her house to meet other fitness minded people and join a weight loss challenge with them. Ok so at first I was like ummmm I am a Bostonian we do not just invite people to our homes we don't know, but I went and I left that night with my first bag of shakeology! We all know how that has worked out for me!  Now there are lots of amazing beachbody products and programs that actually do what they say and have given countless people the keys to weight loss success but my favorite perk is my coach!!! We have shared countless moments since that first starbucks date many of them sweaty, some of them tearful and the best of them filled with laughter. While I knew I was getting a fitness expert in my coach I never thought I was getting such an amazing friend. She has been there and supported me through my weight loss journey, serious health issues, financial stressors and relationship issues.
I am now 14lbs away from the 100lb mark and my bestie is still my constant. Challenging me in the gym, in my work and in my personal life to not simply accept defeat or settle for mediocrity. Failure has been removed from my vernacular because even if my balance waivers Alli is underneath me encouraging me and letting me know I can and will succeed. 

You know I am still the same girl, I may be in a smaller size and yes that is my collar bone that is so adorably popping from my shirt but inside I have not changed. The difference I have today is someone who sees me, really sees my potential and shines her big bright light on it so that I can see it too.

This is my secret weapon and if you don't have one i highly recommend you get one cause my coach, my friend, my sister on this long and winding road has certainly changed me for the better and everyone deserves to feel this good!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hello home stretch!!!

HELLOOOOO HOME STRETCH!!!! So first it has to be said I am so sorry I have not updated in sooooo long so to gain your forgiveness here is my most recent pic in a size 8 jean skirt!! Currently weighing in at 154, yeah thats right 83lbs down!!
Soooooo here is what is happening I have made some important decisions..... first I am not a slave to the scale, that number does not define me and my success is not defined by that silly number. I had decided to leave the scale behind for 6 weeks until Sept 4th which was my goal date to be down at least 100lbs. This was going well... Next decision was to start teaching!!! After lots of practice with Alli Vaughn I debuted at DANCE TRANCE orlando and led the warm-up during Alli's friday night TURBO class!!! it was so amazing that I got to team Teach with Jenn Bird the next week and took on the warm-up, punches and a TURBO!!! I set my next goal of setting up and teaching my own class by the end of September!!! I was feeling pretty good a little too good actually and knew, mostly because Alli has been screaming it at me for months, that I needed a regular strength training routine so I started Chalene Extreme!!!! It is extreme I started noticing my triceps tightening up right away and I was actually enjoying it. 

Here I am ready to teach ..

Seeing the realization of 100lbs down just a little ways ahead of me Adam started talking party so I started shopping and fell in love with BCBG and holy crap this dress was a medium!!! I know right unbelievable...
Yeah I know I love it too!!!!! In the midst of all this I went back home to BOSTON and saw my family for the first time since dropping the poundage and it was amazing. Mostly while I was proud of how far I had come physically it was the mental changes that I was so happy about. I was able to handle situations that previously would send me straight to the fridge :). I found TURBO and HUSTLE classes and got to meet a fellow instructor and Beachbody coach Erin Berry who is tearing it up in Beantown and I stayed on my food plan without any freak out moments. I think the definition of success for me was sitting down with my parents for dinner and they were having pizza and I had a weighed and measured 4oz grilled chix breast with sweet potatoes and green beans and I didn't think about that pizza once! 

I have had some hurdles though while I refuse to dwell in negativity it is important to acknowledge roadblocks so I will share. I have recently had a bit of a health scare, I started having nocturnal seizures and was diagnosed with Epilepsy. This is no fun! The medication that in theory is supposed to stop the seizures so that I can sleep through the night does not do that and leaves me groggy and at times incoherent. Not to mention leaves me less then enthusiastic to hit the gym. I was feeling pretty bad and then my besties pulled me outta my funk. Alli and Jenn planned TURBO for a Cause and Elisa donated her studio space for it! I was so moved by the outpouring of generosity from everyone who came out. Just to feel the support of all those people and know they were supporting me was phenomenal! I can't even begin to thank everyone enough but their efforts have allowed us to afford a much better medication that will help keep me feeling like my old self and hitting the gym hard again!!! 

I have always had firm belief that everything happens for a reason and this situation is no different. Peoples true colors definitely come through in these difficult situations. I am so blessed and thankful that the Lord has blessed me with the most amazing friends who have been unreal through this situation. I have also seen some negativity come out and this has just helped me to see it more clearly to be able to weed it out! 

So while I am still battling some health complications I am focused and intent on achieving the goals I have set for myself. I will be giving myself an extra 30 days on my goal date to adjust to the medication and readjust my body. I will admit that this was hard for me because at first I thought I had failed for sure I needed 3lbs a week consistently and I only got 3 total for 2 weeks of being sick. The old unhealthy me would look at this as failure and defeat, but FIT PEOPLE DO NOT FAIL!!!! I know that this journey does not ever end I will constantly evaluate new goals so why not celebrate the success of 83 pounds gone in 8 months and work towards losing 100lbs in 10 months!!! Party details will soon follow and while I will not divulge too much I will say that there will be a cardboard cut out of my former self :)!

Thank you again to all of you who have supported me through this journey!!!! I will leave you with my new favorite pants GAP JEANS LONG AND LEAN BABY!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lets talk about STRESS baby!!!

Hello world!!! I thought I would start with a recent pic and some stats I am currently weighing in at 171!!! I would like to take an opportunity to talk about something we all face that can seriously hinder our weight loss efforts, STRESS! So my husband and I have been going through some tough stuff lately and we have been dealing with stress factors that many Americans are facing, financial problems, marital stress, work drama to name a few. Last week was where I had the perfect storm of turmoil in my life and it was also the first time I had a gain in my weekly weigh in. I had a gain of 1/2 a pound. OK so I hear you screaming "what that's nothing go pee a couple more times and that 1/2 lb will be long gone" but it kinda threw me. I consider myself very blessed to have not had any major plateaus so far so when i am used to that scale moving down consistently and it doesn't there is a problem. I am here to tell you that stress is a major factor and sometimes it is all in your head. I had worked so hard that week, I had my first Boxing personal training session and added a session of INSANITY with my Beachbody team so I knew it was not a lack of hard work! I am proud of the fact that I did just give up and throw in the towel I just moved forward. Adam and I registered for a triathlon and I focused on preparing for that. I had an amazing weekend helping one of my besties Alli Vaughn share TURBO KICK love all over Orlando and when I got out of my own head and stopped worrying about the number guess what it started to drop!

 I am watching the Biggest Loser finale and I am reflecting on my finale, I have set a goal for my self to reach a healthy weight range between 120-140lbs by SEPT 3rd. That is 14 weeks from now and I am planning the party now because there is no doubt in my mind that I am going to get there! And when i do I am competing in a TRIATHLON!!! Yep I am gonna do that because I finally have the belief in myself that I can do anything I put my mind to! I used to be the girl who watched the Biggest Loser while eating Chinese food and chips, and now I am the girl who DVR's it so I can hit the gym before I watch and enjoy a healthy balanced weighed and measured meal while I watch. If there is any doubt in your mind whether you can achieve your dreams, or if there is anything in your life you want that seems impossible and overwhelming I am here to tell you from experience that YOU CAN DO IT!!! So what are you waiting for make something happen people!!!! LETS ALL DO THIS!

Hip Hop Hustle 9

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lets get CRAZY!!!

I need to start with an apology I know it has been far too long since my last post!!! I will make amends by sharing my latest results....
Today I am weighing 177lbs!!! My total weight loss is 60lbs and my total inches lost is 30.75 which by the way is the length of my leg :) I am wearing a size 14 pants now and I even have quite a few size MED shirts!!!

So my goals for April were to get more comfortable drawing attention to myself physically and doing more things for myself to make me feel better about my outward appearance. I was celebrating my birthday in April also so that gave me another great reason to shop!!!

If you had told me one year ago that I would be celebrating my birthday getting sweaty and have a TURBO celebration I would have said your crazy!!! But that is just what I did on 4/17/10 and I loved every minute of it!

Then we hit the beach and I was so excited to have a new bathing suit! It was such an amazing feeling to go to the beach and not have to wear a Teeshirt or a pair of shorts over it to feel comfortable!

On Saturday everyone got together to go out for a night on the town. I got a new haircut and I had a slammin new outfit from Miss Trendy!! For the first time when I went out with my friends I felt like I belonged I wasn't just their fat friend they thought was funny, I was HOT! and I was confident and self assured. It is true that if you feel great about yourself you project that happiness and you are more attractive. We hit the town and lived it up!!! I got to do all my favorite things there was Karaoke, dancing and yeah there was Petron :).

I made sure to eat a healthy meal before we hit the club because it is important to set yourself up for success!!!

I took an important step this month and confronted a heavy burden in my heart. I started this journey at 237lbs and I couldn't believe I had let myself get that big. While there are a number of reasons why I medicated myself with food the cycle continued because I allowed myself to be a victim of those circumstances. I let all the things that had gone wrong in my past control my future. So I wrote em all down everything that I allowed myself to dwell on and hide behind I wrote on paper. I sat down with Alli and shared my past. WHEW it was scary giving a voice to some things I wanted to keep buried inside but I knew if I could get it all out I could let it all go. After it was over we ripped up those pages and I said goodbye forever. Goodbye to the girl who hides her pain behind jokes and food! Goodbye to a girl who did not think her life was worth fighting for! And goodbye to failure because my friend Alli has helped me see that my brain is wired to know the failure is not an option!! Through all the physical weight loss I have not felt as light as I did when I allowed myself to let go of all that baggage!!! 

So I am still working out 6 days a week and I have set my goal to be in a range between 120lbs and 140lbs on Sept 2nd. I have been saying for too long that I need more resistance training and Alli has been saying it too, so I am taking it to the extreme!!! I have started P90X!!! I am committing to 30 days of using P90X for resistance and seeing how far I can push myself!! Tonight I came home from HUSTLE and did Chest and Back which consists of pushups all kinds and pullups!!! Tony wasn't kidding when he said it was the mother of all P90X workouts but I did it!! I pushed through and was able to finish the workout! I could not even have attempted that 5 months ago and I am so proud of how far I have come!

I know that I am still on this journey and while it is easy to say I want the quick fix I can honestly say today with conviction that it is the journey and not the destination that makes all the difference. I am living this life on this journey much happier than I have ever been and it is a comfort to know this journey does not have to end in fact it will live on and so will I, longer and healthier!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Where am I today?

Today I don't count how far I have to walk when deciding to go somewhere
Today I shop in stores and choose based on style not availability of size
Today I see sweating as an accomplishment
Today I do not have a temper tantrum when the elevator is broken
Today food is fuel
Today I am a HIP HOP HUSTLE instructor :)
Today I do not eat my feelings
Today I have no fear and love to try new things
Today P90X and INSANITY sound like a good time
Today I am acountable and present in my life
Today I motivate others
Today I have genuine hapiness!!!!

I left yesterday behind and I am living in today!

Friday, March 19, 2010

I am changing my life here!

Hello world, it has been so long since I have written and I am sorry for that! so much has happened I don't even  know where to begin. Lets start with some stats I am currently weighing in at 188 and I have dropped from a size 22 to a size 16. Adam and I just got back from a cruise and I was actually able to enjoy shopping at American Eagle a regular non PLUS size store for clothes. I feel so amazing about where I am in my journey there are no words. I have made some changes I am working closely with my Beachbody coach Alli to plan workouts and food plans for the week. I also completed 30 days of SHAKEOLOGY which i love!! I am so amazed at the results I signed up to be a beachody coach to share the love and get the word out about their amazing products and programs that have helped me change my life. I am attending an instructor training for my soulmate workout HIP HOP HUSTLE on 3/28 and I couldn't be more excited it will be 6 hours of HUSTLE what could be better than that!!

I have been having difficulty shopping nothing terrible I just tend to buy clothes that are too big. I am so used to covering my body with clothes I am having a hard time getting used to dressing to draw attention to certain parts of myself. It is a work in progress I am just focusing on enjoying the shopping process and not allowing it to become stressful.

I am posting some recent pics from our cruise with some before shots to show my progress, hope you enjoy them!!!

BEFORE 11/29/09


Sunday, February 7, 2010


I am writing this post to you all and I weigh 199!! Amazing right, I was starting to think I would never see a one in front my number! Well on Saturday morning I woke up totally pumped for the 5k and thought let me just see what the scale says and there it was... all my hard work, my sweat and tears and my dedication to changing my relationship with food had paid off! This milestone is indescribable to me it feels as though not only a psychical weight but a mental weight has been lifted off me. I am succeeding! I have also had some amazing experiences this week that I must mention. I attended a TURBOKICK master class and it was so fun!! I never thought I would choose to do over an hour of high impact cardio in my free time but I am addicted!!! Hustle is still my soulmate workout but TURBO is coming in at a close second!! I also had a super fun night out with girls from the gym where we all went rollerskating!!! It was great and I burned 450 calories! Lastly I ran a 5K...... you read that right I ran a 5K! I was so proud of myself I finished in 35 minutes and it felt so amazing. I had a revalation on that run that I was finally living the life I was intended to live! I believe God has a very important plan for me and as someone much wiser than me once said " I have been hitting the snooze button on God's alarm clock". But once I woke myself up and said OK Lord I am listening my life just took on a more positive and fullfilling direction. I have been blessed with meeting amazing people and experiencing life changing events. The sky is the limit and I know that I will continue on this journey wherever it may take me!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Busting through my first plateau

I was ready to plateau, at 150lb or maybe even 175lb but I was not ready at 204!!!! My last Blog entry was 1/15 and I weighed in at 208 and now on 2/2 I am 202. There is a light shining at the end of this tunnel I promise.... I pushed through. I had one weigh in with a 4lb loss and thought ok no problem I can make 5 lbs this week and then totally be under 200. Well when I stepped on the scale last Friday and saw 202 it devastated me. I cried. I felt so defeated! Now the old Meghan would set herself up for failure and when the scale said 202 would admit failure and throw in the towel. Fortunately that Meghan doesn't live here anymore!! I reached out to my supportive Beachbody coach and my trainer picked up the pieces and kept moving forward. Ron has instructed me to make saturdays a 1650 calorie day which at first I panicked over. I just couldn't wrap my head around eat more= weigh less, but my beachbody coach Allie ( who is the most motivating person I have ever met) explained that I need to shock my body to turn it into a more efficient calorie burning machine. So I had my high calorie day and I just kept doing me!!! It feels amazing to still be at this with guns blazing!

I also started Shakeology this week. Shakeology is a Beachbody meal/snack replacement shake that is nutritious and delicious. Reese read all the ingredients and it passed her test (it helps to have friends who are nutrition experts in our corner)!! I am doing the shake as breakfast every day and I am really enjoying it. I have also been noticing I feel alot better digestively since drinking them.

I have had lots of non-scale victories since last post so I will leave with my list
  1. Lots of compliments from people on my noticable shrinking size
  2. made it through TURBO round 39
  3. Jeans loose out of the dryer
  4. dresses in the closet are starting to be too big
  5. Winnie said my bathing suit looks big
  6. consistently doing 60 min of eliptical
  7. Did all of HUSTLE #8
I am really doing this and I truly believe that I can finish what I started and live my dream. I can almost see that rock I will be sitting on singing my song!!!

I love you all!! and I love myself!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Latest Victories!!!

Hello World I am getting on!!! Well another week gone by and another weigh in, I lost another 3lbs and I am down to 208!! But I actually have even better news if you can believe it, I bought pants today at THE GAP, I know a regular store!!! I was so excited I kept trying on more and more pants, it was unbelievable. Then we went to the disney store and Adam saw this great little sundress for the cruise but it was "One size fits most" and lets be honest I have never been "most", but today I am. It fit!!!

I also had a major fitness victory this week!! I decided to try spin again , I hadn't been since my first week at the gym on Dec 2nd and I was ready to give it another go. I am not exagerating when I say I felt like a different person. I was able to keep up, turn the gears with the rest of the class and I really enjoyed it! I also ran on the treadmill this week at 5.7 my fastest pace ever!!! So today instead of congrtulating myself with food I headed to the New Balance store and bought the most amazing sneakers ever!!! Now nothing will stop me in my 5k!!!

For my diet and exercise plan I have been on a 1250 daily calorie intake with one day a week I allow myself up to 1400, I am working out 6 days a week 2 hours each time. This week I increased my cardio which Ron says will help melt away the pounds. I am feeling good and can't wait to try out my new shoes!!

That is all for now, love to all and be in good health!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Just registered for my first 5K!!!

Hey all, sorry it has been so long since my last update I did have a weigh in last Thursday and my last recorded weight was 212 and I was not very excited to have only 2.6 lbs down. I did go down from 41 to 39 in body fat but still 2.6 ugh! I thought for sure I was having that time of the month or something that could have explained it but no! I am trying to focus on the positives, it is a loss!!!!

We did have quite a bit if excitement last week when I was watching the season premier of The Biggest Loser. There is a contestant from Orlando who was eliminated last week and as I was watching the segment of him at home I see my personal trainer Ron Betta training him!! I was so excited!! On our last meeting ron has challenged me to be under 200lbs in 2 weeks. This has given me alot of frustration. First I crunched the numbers with my bodybug and figured I needed to drop 6lbs a week and in order to do that I would need a daily deficit of 3000 calories. Whew, that is no joke! He suggested I try to burn 1000 calories in an hour and the closest I have come is 959 in 90 minutes. I also have started experiencing quite a bit of pain when running in my shins. arrggh! I do have positives though, some things are getting easier and I went down a dress size!!!

I thought maybe I should focus my energy on a short term fitness goal..... so I registered for my first 5K! My goal is to run this!!!! I will post my fundraising page as soon as I get it up, the cause is sucicide prevention.

I have also discovered tubokick and hiphop hustle and I absolutely love them! I love how great the music is at motivating me to keep going!!!

Love to everyone and be in good health!