Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year & Happy New ME!

Well it's 2011, can you believe it?! 

After the Turkey Trot I was invigorated and excited to end the year on a positive note and focus in on my weight loss goal. My Beachbody business was really taking offer and I was mentoring others on starting a new healthy lifestyle and reaching their physical and financial goals. And just like it always does life got in my way. My husband got a terrible phone call that sent us immediately on a flight home to Boston. Stress CITY!!! I was completely unprepared, I was away from my workout routine, my food and my support system. I also was dealing quite a bit of stress.... so much so that I actually developed shingles. At this point I just had to trust that the foundation I had built over the last year would see me through. I got to the GYM as often as I could and frequented Whole Foods multiple times per day. I used the opportunity of being home with people I hadn't since since I weighed about 240 to share my story and bear witness to the incredible possibilities your life can have if you just believe.

I got through it and headed home to retail craziness and poured myself into work. Long hours and candy everywhere. Honestly people asked me when I first started my journey why I started in December instead of waiting until after the holiday and I think it was easier last year. You see when I first set out I was very rigid and knew I had to make a life change all bad stuff was completely off limits.... this year understanding what I have learned about calories in vs out I knew I could and would work off the candy or treat and was a bit more relaxed. This for me is not always a good thing, I need my weighed and measured meals and little baggies of snacks to stay on track. while I did not gain a plateau was slowly taking hold and the losses were slow! I refocused and told my coach Alli that holiday season or not I am finishing what I started!!! We had an awesome week of Holiday themed workouts where we all got to wear special outfits!!

Adam and I also decided we would make this the best Christmas ever. We started decorating the house and preparing for our first annual "Christmas with the Kehoe's" We really had an amazing holiday, we got up early and opened a few things for Kramer and Lola and exchanged stockings then we got busy preparing a healthy breakfast for our closest friends who were on their way to celebrate with us! I was especially excited to give Winnie and Alli their presents, I made them coffee tumblers featuring photo collages of us!!! We had such a nice day together and even had our very own Yankee Swap!
I kept my focus and worked hard, and as the new year approached and I was just one pound away I knew I had to pull out all the stops!! I was hitting the gym hard and pushing myself to DO MORE in every workout. Then on 1/1/2011 I pulled the scale out from under the bathroom sink. It was now or never everything I had worked for was coming down to this moment. My thoughts were racing: 'did I eat too late last night, enjoy a few too many new years cocktails, did I do enough, maybe I should have worn the TURBO gloves to work :)' I closed my eyes took a deep breath in and stepped on the cold white surface.... as the digital display blinked and then came to a stop I screamed "YES!" the dial read 137! I called Adam over to look because I couldn't believe it I had officially lost 100lbs! I had actually followed through and achieved something I dreamed about for years.

I am celebrating but I am also reminding myself that the journey doesn't end here. I truly feel blessed like I have been given a gift. Did I work hard for it?? You betcha, but I had a whole lot of help and the only way to stay accountable and keep this amazing feeling of accomplishment is to pay it forward. So though I am leaving behind the last 100lbs and never going that direction again I am setting out on a new road. "Two roads diverged in a wood and I took the one less traveled" I am teaching my own friday night TURBO class that starts this week, I am giving everything I got to my beachbody business and I am going to continue on this road because I know there is farther that I can go. If you have been reading you know I started out like so many others morbidly obese, unhappy, lost and alone. I know first hand how hard it is to make life changes but I am here to tell you once and for all you can and I can help you...... just ask!