Thursday, September 9, 2010

My weight loss secret weapon!!!

Hey everyone!!!! todays update is a little different because I find myself doing quite a bit of reflection lately and I am eager to share my thoughts with the world!! So that I can keep you up to date my latest weigh in was 151lbs that puts me 14lbs away from the 100Lb lost mark and one heck of a party!!! But for once I don't want to talk about me....... I know its a little crazy this is my blog after all, however many people have been asking for my success secrets and I feel it would be unfair not to talk about my secret weapon........

Alli Vaughn,( if you are reading this you are probably already friends with her on facebook cause she has like a million of em') she is my weight loss secret weapon. I will preface this by admitting there is really nothing secret about her; she is tall, striking and usually dressed in the colors of a highlighter. Nonetheless she is amazing. I first met her very early in my journey while taking her TURBO kick and HIP HOP HUSTLE classes. She is an amazing instructor and packs out the room with 40+ people yet she manages to form personal connections with her students. I met her and knew that she could help me. So I did a lil creeping on facebook to get the 411 and then sent her a message she could not ignore. I told her that I was dying slowly every day killing myself with food and I wanted to live and only she could show me how. I mean really who could say no to that. So we had our first of many a starbucks date and she shared with me that she was not only an instructor but also an independent team Beachbody coach. She invited to her house to meet other fitness minded people and join a weight loss challenge with them. Ok so at first I was like ummmm I am a Bostonian we do not just invite people to our homes we don't know, but I went and I left that night with my first bag of shakeology! We all know how that has worked out for me!  Now there are lots of amazing beachbody products and programs that actually do what they say and have given countless people the keys to weight loss success but my favorite perk is my coach!!! We have shared countless moments since that first starbucks date many of them sweaty, some of them tearful and the best of them filled with laughter. While I knew I was getting a fitness expert in my coach I never thought I was getting such an amazing friend. She has been there and supported me through my weight loss journey, serious health issues, financial stressors and relationship issues.
I am now 14lbs away from the 100lb mark and my bestie is still my constant. Challenging me in the gym, in my work and in my personal life to not simply accept defeat or settle for mediocrity. Failure has been removed from my vernacular because even if my balance waivers Alli is underneath me encouraging me and letting me know I can and will succeed. 

You know I am still the same girl, I may be in a smaller size and yes that is my collar bone that is so adorably popping from my shirt but inside I have not changed. The difference I have today is someone who sees me, really sees my potential and shines her big bright light on it so that I can see it too.

This is my secret weapon and if you don't have one i highly recommend you get one cause my coach, my friend, my sister on this long and winding road has certainly changed me for the better and everyone deserves to feel this good!!