Friday, March 19, 2010

I am changing my life here!

Hello world, it has been so long since I have written and I am sorry for that! so much has happened I don't even  know where to begin. Lets start with some stats I am currently weighing in at 188 and I have dropped from a size 22 to a size 16. Adam and I just got back from a cruise and I was actually able to enjoy shopping at American Eagle a regular non PLUS size store for clothes. I feel so amazing about where I am in my journey there are no words. I have made some changes I am working closely with my Beachbody coach Alli to plan workouts and food plans for the week. I also completed 30 days of SHAKEOLOGY which i love!! I am so amazed at the results I signed up to be a beachody coach to share the love and get the word out about their amazing products and programs that have helped me change my life. I am attending an instructor training for my soulmate workout HIP HOP HUSTLE on 3/28 and I couldn't be more excited it will be 6 hours of HUSTLE what could be better than that!!

I have been having difficulty shopping nothing terrible I just tend to buy clothes that are too big. I am so used to covering my body with clothes I am having a hard time getting used to dressing to draw attention to certain parts of myself. It is a work in progress I am just focusing on enjoying the shopping process and not allowing it to become stressful.

I am posting some recent pics from our cruise with some before shots to show my progress, hope you enjoy them!!!

BEFORE 11/29/09