Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hello home stretch!!!

HELLOOOOO HOME STRETCH!!!! So first it has to be said I am so sorry I have not updated in sooooo long so to gain your forgiveness here is my most recent pic in a size 8 jean skirt!! Currently weighing in at 154, yeah thats right 83lbs down!!
Soooooo here is what is happening I have made some important decisions..... first I am not a slave to the scale, that number does not define me and my success is not defined by that silly number. I had decided to leave the scale behind for 6 weeks until Sept 4th which was my goal date to be down at least 100lbs. This was going well... Next decision was to start teaching!!! After lots of practice with Alli Vaughn I debuted at DANCE TRANCE orlando and led the warm-up during Alli's friday night TURBO class!!! it was so amazing that I got to team Teach with Jenn Bird the next week and took on the warm-up, punches and a TURBO!!! I set my next goal of setting up and teaching my own class by the end of September!!! I was feeling pretty good a little too good actually and knew, mostly because Alli has been screaming it at me for months, that I needed a regular strength training routine so I started Chalene Extreme!!!! It is extreme I started noticing my triceps tightening up right away and I was actually enjoying it. 

Here I am ready to teach ..

Seeing the realization of 100lbs down just a little ways ahead of me Adam started talking party so I started shopping and fell in love with BCBG and holy crap this dress was a medium!!! I know right unbelievable...
Yeah I know I love it too!!!!! In the midst of all this I went back home to BOSTON and saw my family for the first time since dropping the poundage and it was amazing. Mostly while I was proud of how far I had come physically it was the mental changes that I was so happy about. I was able to handle situations that previously would send me straight to the fridge :). I found TURBO and HUSTLE classes and got to meet a fellow instructor and Beachbody coach Erin Berry who is tearing it up in Beantown and I stayed on my food plan without any freak out moments. I think the definition of success for me was sitting down with my parents for dinner and they were having pizza and I had a weighed and measured 4oz grilled chix breast with sweet potatoes and green beans and I didn't think about that pizza once! 

I have had some hurdles though while I refuse to dwell in negativity it is important to acknowledge roadblocks so I will share. I have recently had a bit of a health scare, I started having nocturnal seizures and was diagnosed with Epilepsy. This is no fun! The medication that in theory is supposed to stop the seizures so that I can sleep through the night does not do that and leaves me groggy and at times incoherent. Not to mention leaves me less then enthusiastic to hit the gym. I was feeling pretty bad and then my besties pulled me outta my funk. Alli and Jenn planned TURBO for a Cause and Elisa donated her studio space for it! I was so moved by the outpouring of generosity from everyone who came out. Just to feel the support of all those people and know they were supporting me was phenomenal! I can't even begin to thank everyone enough but their efforts have allowed us to afford a much better medication that will help keep me feeling like my old self and hitting the gym hard again!!! 

I have always had firm belief that everything happens for a reason and this situation is no different. Peoples true colors definitely come through in these difficult situations. I am so blessed and thankful that the Lord has blessed me with the most amazing friends who have been unreal through this situation. I have also seen some negativity come out and this has just helped me to see it more clearly to be able to weed it out! 

So while I am still battling some health complications I am focused and intent on achieving the goals I have set for myself. I will be giving myself an extra 30 days on my goal date to adjust to the medication and readjust my body. I will admit that this was hard for me because at first I thought I had failed for sure I needed 3lbs a week consistently and I only got 3 total for 2 weeks of being sick. The old unhealthy me would look at this as failure and defeat, but FIT PEOPLE DO NOT FAIL!!!! I know that this journey does not ever end I will constantly evaluate new goals so why not celebrate the success of 83 pounds gone in 8 months and work towards losing 100lbs in 10 months!!! Party details will soon follow and while I will not divulge too much I will say that there will be a cardboard cut out of my former self :)!

Thank you again to all of you who have supported me through this journey!!!! I will leave you with my new favorite pants GAP JEANS LONG AND LEAN BABY!!!