Sunday, February 7, 2010


I am writing this post to you all and I weigh 199!! Amazing right, I was starting to think I would never see a one in front my number! Well on Saturday morning I woke up totally pumped for the 5k and thought let me just see what the scale says and there it was... all my hard work, my sweat and tears and my dedication to changing my relationship with food had paid off! This milestone is indescribable to me it feels as though not only a psychical weight but a mental weight has been lifted off me. I am succeeding! I have also had some amazing experiences this week that I must mention. I attended a TURBOKICK master class and it was so fun!! I never thought I would choose to do over an hour of high impact cardio in my free time but I am addicted!!! Hustle is still my soulmate workout but TURBO is coming in at a close second!! I also had a super fun night out with girls from the gym where we all went rollerskating!!! It was great and I burned 450 calories! Lastly I ran a 5K...... you read that right I ran a 5K! I was so proud of myself I finished in 35 minutes and it felt so amazing. I had a revalation on that run that I was finally living the life I was intended to live! I believe God has a very important plan for me and as someone much wiser than me once said " I have been hitting the snooze button on God's alarm clock". But once I woke myself up and said OK Lord I am listening my life just took on a more positive and fullfilling direction. I have been blessed with meeting amazing people and experiencing life changing events. The sky is the limit and I know that I will continue on this journey wherever it may take me!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Busting through my first plateau

I was ready to plateau, at 150lb or maybe even 175lb but I was not ready at 204!!!! My last Blog entry was 1/15 and I weighed in at 208 and now on 2/2 I am 202. There is a light shining at the end of this tunnel I promise.... I pushed through. I had one weigh in with a 4lb loss and thought ok no problem I can make 5 lbs this week and then totally be under 200. Well when I stepped on the scale last Friday and saw 202 it devastated me. I cried. I felt so defeated! Now the old Meghan would set herself up for failure and when the scale said 202 would admit failure and throw in the towel. Fortunately that Meghan doesn't live here anymore!! I reached out to my supportive Beachbody coach and my trainer picked up the pieces and kept moving forward. Ron has instructed me to make saturdays a 1650 calorie day which at first I panicked over. I just couldn't wrap my head around eat more= weigh less, but my beachbody coach Allie ( who is the most motivating person I have ever met) explained that I need to shock my body to turn it into a more efficient calorie burning machine. So I had my high calorie day and I just kept doing me!!! It feels amazing to still be at this with guns blazing!

I also started Shakeology this week. Shakeology is a Beachbody meal/snack replacement shake that is nutritious and delicious. Reese read all the ingredients and it passed her test (it helps to have friends who are nutrition experts in our corner)!! I am doing the shake as breakfast every day and I am really enjoying it. I have also been noticing I feel alot better digestively since drinking them.

I have had lots of non-scale victories since last post so I will leave with my list
  1. Lots of compliments from people on my noticable shrinking size
  2. made it through TURBO round 39
  3. Jeans loose out of the dryer
  4. dresses in the closet are starting to be too big
  5. Winnie said my bathing suit looks big
  6. consistently doing 60 min of eliptical
  7. Did all of HUSTLE #8
I am really doing this and I truly believe that I can finish what I started and live my dream. I can almost see that rock I will be sitting on singing my song!!!

I love you all!! and I love myself!