Sunday, October 31, 2010

Living and loving my life!

Happy Halloween!!! This year has been so amazing I still can't believe this is my life. As you know I have had this 100lb goal in my sites for quite sometime and I am happy to report that I am quite close weighing in at 143 I am 94lbs down!!! I got to go to my first TURBOWEEN party which was so fun! We had a sports theme and seriously I missed my calling I need to be a cheerleader!!

This weekend my wonderful husband and my close friends threw me a celebratory bash to commemorate my accomplishments. I had decided to make it a costume party since it was so close to halloween and shopping for my costume was a new experience for me! I was able to go into the store and say what do I want to be not what do they have in PLUS size. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would be purchasing a size small costume but I did!! Here we are together in our SUPER costumes!!!

It was an amazing night. So many people came to celebrate with me! Not to mention the costumes were fantastic. We had healthy snacks and Alli provided an awesome playlist that kept us moving all night!

Once everyone got settled in we had the speeches. I had an opportunity to thank everyone there for being my village and helping me along this road to better health and happiness. When Alli spoke things turned a bit emotional and I learned an important lesson. You see we are as people inherently selfish, I had always thought that I was the only one gaining anything from my relationship with Alli and didn't realize just how important I have been to her this past year. Well as you can imagine there were happy tears!
When Adam gave his speech I was very emotional, and then came the big surprise!!! He had made a movie of my journey over the last ten months including video clips of my parents from home congratulating me. Well I couldn't hold back the emotion at that point!!! 

On Saturday I hosted my first Beachbody home party and had the opportunity to share my story with others. It is so amazing to be on the other side because Beachbody was so instrumental in my success to be paying it forward is an amazing privilege. 

To top it all off we decided to hit downtown Orlando for the Halloween festivities. I will leave you with the pictorial highlights of the nights mayhem but first a bit of reflection. I have been very emotional this week thinking about my party and wondering why I even deserved to have one. I still have goals I have not achieved and I am not yet bikini ready. But I have come to the realization that what I really am celebrating is finding myself. 94lbs ago while I was still loud and enthusiastic I was hiding. Hiding behind my size and my insecurity. Afraid to try and ashamed to want more than what I had. I didn't know who I was or what I wanted. How far could I go and if I could actually be successful. Now I am living the life I had only imagined. I have meaningful relationships with people   and I am confident and self assured. I no longer wonder if I can do something it is only a question of when I will do it. While it is sometime surreal for me to hear people say I am their role model or inspiration I know that is is something to be very proud of. Since the journey is never over I will just say I am very excited to go down the next road and see what is in store for me.  So now as promised  the halloween highlights.

Monday, October 4, 2010

90lbs down!!!

Hi my name is Meghan and I lost 90lbs. Yep thats right this last two weeks of scale not moving has passed and off went 3 more pounds putting me at 90lbs lost since 12/2. I am still in shock I think. It is important for me to address the plateau because I know from experience it can kill your motivation. I had definitely found my comfort zone I was hitting cardio in the form of TURBO and HUSTLE 3-4 times per week Spinning once a week tossing in a lil ZUMBA and an hour a week of PIYO. This was now easy for me, yeah I was working up a sweat but the little voice inside, and the voice of the very tall girl screaming next to me, kept saying that I could do more. I also got a bit more relaxed with my food the return of the starbucks treat receipt was my downfall and while each beverage was about 150cals I was hitting that twice a day and lets be honest sipping the samples. Well the scale got comfortable too right at 150 and did not want to budge. Throw in the stress of moving and work and we have a full fledged plateau on our hands! Alli always said when what we were doing didn't work we would just change so we did. I had started Chalean Extreme for strength training but this week I really pushed it and added some more running and eliptical time under my belt. I also swapped out my starbucks drinks for water and unsweetened green tea. Yes I did sometimes get it in a starbucks cup just so I could sip from the cute green straw, I am only human. And...... so far it has worked scale dropped 3 glorious pounds, muscles are forming and I feel fantastic. It was an emotional couple of weeks for me but I did not give up. I know I have spent alot of time on this goal of 100lbs and getting to a certain size but I have learned a valuable lesson this week; I have already won. When I started this journey I entitled it project "I wanna live" my old self was looking to the future to start living her life. I am now officially living! I have an amazing support system, a strong foundation and an unshakable belief in myself that won't let me quit. I am living the life I always dreamed I could never have and it is so much more fulfilling then I ever imagined it could be. So while I will continue to set and strive to meet my ever evolving goals I must not forget that I got my life back and that is the ultimate achievement.