Friday, January 15, 2010

Latest Victories!!!

Hello World I am getting on!!! Well another week gone by and another weigh in, I lost another 3lbs and I am down to 208!! But I actually have even better news if you can believe it, I bought pants today at THE GAP, I know a regular store!!! I was so excited I kept trying on more and more pants, it was unbelievable. Then we went to the disney store and Adam saw this great little sundress for the cruise but it was "One size fits most" and lets be honest I have never been "most", but today I am. It fit!!!

I also had a major fitness victory this week!! I decided to try spin again , I hadn't been since my first week at the gym on Dec 2nd and I was ready to give it another go. I am not exagerating when I say I felt like a different person. I was able to keep up, turn the gears with the rest of the class and I really enjoyed it! I also ran on the treadmill this week at 5.7 my fastest pace ever!!! So today instead of congrtulating myself with food I headed to the New Balance store and bought the most amazing sneakers ever!!! Now nothing will stop me in my 5k!!!

For my diet and exercise plan I have been on a 1250 daily calorie intake with one day a week I allow myself up to 1400, I am working out 6 days a week 2 hours each time. This week I increased my cardio which Ron says will help melt away the pounds. I am feeling good and can't wait to try out my new shoes!!

That is all for now, love to all and be in good health!

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  1. Hey Meg, I am so proud of you!!!!! I know its not easy, but your attitude is great and thats what counts. I hope you are receiving these comments from me.
    Again I say keep up the good work,your doing great.
    Love and prayers, Gigi
    (I will give you a call one of these days soon)